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Our action is based on the circular economy and eco-responsibility.


To manufacture.
To throw. Re_use.

Towards a more circular economy

Scarcity of resources, increase in greenhouse gas emissions, ...

These environmental concerns are no longer compatible with our so-called linear economic model: extracting. to manufacture. use. to throw.

In response to this, the circular economy proposes to turn our waste into new resources: to extract. to manufacture. use. re-exploit.

An eco-responsible approach

Environmental responsibility consists of integrating the challenges of sustainable development into all of its daily activities.

It applies to both consumption, production, transport and even social interactions.


Our favourite choice

We have made the choice to integrate these environmental values ​​at each stage of the development of our company and for all.

From the manufacture of recycled paper bags to their transport with soft mobility operators.

The HairRecycle project is part of the non-profit organization dung dung, a family initiative led by Patrick Janssen and his oldest son Quentin.

Patrick Janssen

Quentin Janssen