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To cut. Collect. To recycle

Become an eco-responsible hairdresser. Limit your ecological footprint and satisfy customers who are more aware of environmental issues and the importance of sustainable consumption every day.

Collect and recycle hair rather than throwing it in the incinerator.


Hair Recycle offers an ecological alternative: highlighting the hair as a reusable resource.

How does it work?

  • You receive enough hair bags all year round to collect cut hair.
  • We take care of the regular collection of your filled bags.
  • You receive a sticker to place on your window to inform your customers that your hair salon is part of an eco-responsible approach to recycling hair.

Hair is a wonderful material that offers many recycling opportunities.

We have three options for recycling hair:

  • Treatment of pollution with hydrocarbons, oils and polymers by absorption.
  • The manufacture of new products such as, for example, biocomposite recycling bags.
  • Treatment of skin burns by extraction of keratin.

Hair is infinitely recyclable, absorbent and ultra resistant.

  • A hair has been shown to be able to support 10 million times its own weight!
  • Lipophilic, the hair absorbs fat, but also oil and hydrocarbons (1 kg of hair can absorb up to 8 liters of oil).
  • Hair is made up of 95% keratin, a protein that gives it elasticity, resistance, flexibility and water insolubility.

Dung Dung collaborates with research centers in order to make the most of this resource which is hair.

Join our community and receive your hair bags all year round.

To become a full member, you just need to belong to the hairdressing community, to a company or to an institution, wanting to support the actions of Hair Recycle. Membership costs between € 30 and € 70 depending on the size of your salon and is valid for one year with no obligation to renew.

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