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Become a member salon by joining our action.

How does it work exactly ?

To become a full member, you just need to be of legal age and belong to the hairdressing industry, to a company, or to an institution.

Membership is valid for one year with no obligation to renew.

We offer three membership formulas for recycling hair:

  • € 30 * / year for 1 hairdresser
  • € 50 * / year for 2 hairdressers in the salon
  • € 70 * / year for 3 or more hairdressers (* excl. VAT)

When we have received your voucher, we will send you your bags and a sticker to let your customers know that you are recycling hair.

If you need additional bags during the year, we ‘ll send them to you at no extra charge.

An invoice will also be sent to you for your accounting.

Membership form